Выпуск № 19 от 20 марта 2016 года: Dr. Indy (версия без перевода)

Tamias: Всем привет! Сегодня 20 марта 2016 года, воскресенье, а значит, пришло время очередного выпуска нашей рубрики «Интересная Личность». Центральным событием февраля стала церемония вручения премии «Золотой Жёлудь», или Golden Acorn Awards. Полный список победителей можно найти по ссылке. По доброй традиции в числе победителей есть и представители нашего фандома, что не может не радовать. В этом году обладателями золотых желудей стали Hamsy, Ramdale, Prapor, vlad pavlovich, StoneKing и Гиротанк, коим и направляются мои искренние поздравления.

Имя сегодняшнего гостя неразрывно связано с Golden Acorn Awards, ведь это — один из основателей GAA, Доктор Инди!

Tamias: Добрый вечер, Инди! И первый мой вопрос будет такой: чем для тебя является GAA?
Dr. Indy: That’s a short question with a long answer…

When the Acorn Cafe began, there was no awards ceremony to honor the accomplishments of the members. Then Matt Plotecher started the Plato Awards to recognize the quality of work our people had done. The Plato Awards only lasted one year though, so when I took over I decided to do my own awards ceremony and renamed it the Golden Acorn Awards.

At first, the Golden Acorn Awards was simply a means to recognize the best artwork and stories done over the year. That was a good and worthy reason for doing it, and everyone enjoyed the idea of getting an award. Over time though the Golden Acorn Awards came to mean more.

The Awards are an important means of compiling all the best works done over the last year, giving everyone a chance to see everything that was done in one place. So while we can honor only a few of the top works, everyone gets a chance to have their work recognized.

The Awards are also a time for everyone to come together—typically the awards ceremony takes about three hours to do; everyone gathers in chat boards or on Skype to watch while I post each presentation and acceptance, laughing at the jokes written into them, and happy in each other’s company. So the Awards are a bonding experience that help to reminds us why we came together in the first place.

Finally, the Awards are a cooperative effort of many people across the Cafe community. To me, putting the Awards ceremony together is like editing one large story written by about 20 or so writers. It’s another way to bring the community together and be part of something bigger than any one person could do.

Tamias: CDRR-сообщество в России и в других странах бывшего СССР переживает не самые лучшие времена по сравнению с прошлыми годами. Пять лет назад рисунков и рассказов было намного больше, сейчас же, как мне кажется, фандом угасает. А как обстоит дело в Acorn Cafe?
Dr. Indy: Yes, there are fewer stories and less artwork. I’ve seen it happen at the Cafe before—it happens in cycles of more and less activity. Our members have aged; they’re having kids and involved in careers. There’s less time for leisure activities like writing stories and creating art. Still, we had enough this year to support a successful Golden Acorn Awards.

Tamias: Какие годы ты мог бы назвать Золотым Веком CDRR-фандома?
Dr. Indy: That’s hard to say—a «golden age» implies a time of great abundance. For the Cafe, that happened in the first few years. There were dozens of Rescue Ranger websites; lots of talented writers putting out lots of stories; artists everywhere producing wonderful pictures.

I would have to say that creative output was at its best in 2003, with Fish’s comic «Of Mice and Mayhem» as the centerpiece.

Tamias: В чём отличия между первым GAA и GAA-2015?
Dr. Indy: It was LOT easier now 😉

The first Golden Acorn Awards was a cooperative effort between an old Cafe member named Rennod and myself. Rennod helped me to sort out the nomination process and the voting process for the Awards. I ended up writing most of the presentations for the Awards.

That year I also decided to do a full set of International awards to recognize the great efforts of our international members. So I ended up writing two full sets of presenations for over 50 categories—I think I used every minor character in existence in the Rescue Ranger series.

After that first year, I realized it was better to have one set of categories, though I do still include some international categories to recognize the contributions of our Russian CDRR fans. Over the next decade as the amount of fan contributions decreased, the number of categories also decreased. We’re now down to about half of what we used to do.

Does that mean the Acorn Cafe has outlived its usefulness? Hardly. We are more than just a group of Rescue Ranger fans. We are a family.

Tamias: Какие слова ты сказал бы человеку, который только что зарегистрировался в Acorn Cafe?
Dr. Indy: First, as always, welcome 🙂

You have found a community of good people that not only enjoy the Rescue Rangers but enjoy each other. We are a private community but we readily take on new members that like a good, decent place that’s family friendly.

Since 2008, many of our United States members and some of our international members have met in person at various «Rangercons» where we enjoy each other’s company, tour places of interest and of course watch Rescue Rangers together. Those members who are closer together meet more often in «mini-cons» to spend time together.

That is what has held the Acorn Cafe together for these 18 years, our friendships and mutual desire to be with people in a happy environment. So that new person I would tell them that they have come to a special place that I hope they enjoy and can contribute to. I plan for the Acorn Cafe to be around for as long as we want it to be 🙂

Tamias: Почему Спасатели, а не, к примеру, «Чудеса на виражах» или «Утиные истории»?
Dr. Indy: I was a fan of those shows as well. I started watching the Disney Afternoon when it was Gummi Bears and Duck Tales. Both shows were great. Also enjoyed Tale Spin and Darkwing Duck. But Rescue Rangers was differrent from them all.

Why Rescue Rangers? First, the Rescue Rangers was a group of close friends, and when I started watching I didn’t have many friends. Second, I was (and still am) a fan of Indiana Jones and Chip wearing the hat and jacket really appealed to me. Third, I loved the the old Chip ‘n Dale short films and the Rescue Rangers brought back good feelings. Fourth was Gadget—I don’t mind saying I had a crush on Gadget right from the start. She was pretty but also smart and kind, something desirable in any woman.

Tamias: Как ты стал фанатом CDRR?
Dr. Indy: I nearly didn’t become a fan of the show. When I saw the title of the show, I though the show would have Chip and Dale starring as forest rangers! That didn’t interest me so I kept watching Gummi Bears and Duck Tales. Then Rescue Rangers joined the Disney Afternoon lineup so I decided to give it a chance. One chance was all the show needed 🙂

Tamias: Ты помнишь свой первый просмотр CDRR?
Dr. Indy: Yes. They started with the «To the Rescue» pilot movie. I was impressed with the quality of the story and the characters, and made me excited to see the next episodes.

Tamias: Какие ещё мультсериалы тебе нравились тогда и какие из современных мультсериалов тебе нравятся сейчас?
Dr. Indy: Besides the ones I already mentioned, I enjoyed Thundercats, He-Man, Batman: The Animated Series, and Animaniacs. The only current cartoon I follow is My Little Pony, which I feel would have been a good contribution to the Disney Afternoon. It has a lot of the same feel as the best shows of that time.

Tamias: Что ты думаешь о CDRR-фильме? Будет ли он успешен?
Dr. Indy: I certainly think it could be successful. A lot of the people who loved Rescue Rangers are grown up and have kids now. I know many of the parents at the Aoorn Cafe share their love of Rescue Rangers with their children, so there is an audience for this movie.

Can Disney make a good Rescue Rangers movie? I believe they can, as long as they remember what makes them special—that unique friendship which forms the bond that keeps them together. If that team spirit is there, then I think we will see a great movie.

Tamias: Первый показ Спасателей в России состоялся 25 лет назад, в 1991 году. Это был один из первых диснеевских мультсериалов, показанных в Российской Федерации и один из одновременно первых и последних диснеевских мультсериалов, показанных в Советском Союзе (де-юре 1 января 1991 года Советский Союз ещё существовал). В Советском Союзе практически никто не знал о «классических» мультфильмах про Чипа и Дейла, но, я думаю, Спасатели у нас были более популярны, чем «Утиные истории» (у нас их впервые показали также в 1991). Ничего не могу сказать про «Чудеса на виражах», Останкино сделало действительно хороший дубляж в 1992 году, но тогда показ прервали, показав только что-то около двадцати серий. Полностью сериал показали уже в двухтысячных, и дубляж тогда был… Khm… Я бы лучше предпочёл посмотреть «Чудеса на виражах» в оригинальной озвучке с русскими субтитрами. Спасателей же показывали огромное количество раз — в девяностых, в двухтысячных, в десятых, и сейчас это практически «платиновая коллекция». Спрошу тебя как человека из-за границы: как думаешь, в чём причина того, что Спасатели стали так популярны на пост-советском пространстве?
Dr. Indy: From the early days of the Acorn Cafe, we were aware of the Russian CDRR community. I have always been impressed with the Russian talent for artwork, and our Russian members have won many awards here for their great Rescue Ranger art.

I think the quality artwork of the show was one of the reasons for its popularity with the Russian fandom. When I look at current shows, most character designs aren’t nearly as appealing to the eye as the Rangers.

Another reason would be the show’s message of friendship. Coming out of a repressive time, I can imagine for the kids in the emerging Russian culture it was inspiring to see a place where friends were working together and having good times in a free environment.

Tamias: Что ты думаешь о «Rhyme and Reason»? Мог бы этот фанфик стать новым эпизодом Спасателей?
Dr. Indy: I remember the first time I read «Rhyme and Reason», back in the old days. The story was fascinating, magnificent and epic. I stayed up all night, reading it! For several years after that, I made it a tradition to stay up once a year and read through it again. It still stands as one of the best Rescue Ranger stories.

As for it being an episode or a multiple-episode story, it could happen but likely the story would have to be edited for television. Lauren Faust, the creator of the current version of My Little Pony, spoke often about the content limits they had to observe because kids were the target audience. So while «Rhyme and Reason» is a great story some of the darker elements along with the relationship elements would likely be taken out or toned down.

Tamias: Нравится ли тебе OMaM? И что ты можешь сказать об этой работе?
Dr. Indy: When I read «Rhyme and Reason», I thought nothing could top it. Then late one night I was on the Cafe and a new member posted a link to something called «Of Mice and Mayhem». I was bored so I clicked on it and thought, «Oh, nice cover picture». Then I clicked on the next link to read the story and to my amazement it was a comic!

Just like «Rhyme and Reason», I stayed up all night reading this comc! I figured it would be a few pages long—little did I know that Chris Fischer had spent three years putting it together. It was so well-drawn and so interesting and so long! When I finished the comic, I was just amazed at the wonderful gift we’d been given 🙂

Needless to say, «Of Mice and Mayhem» swept the Golden Aoorn awards. It still stands as the crown jewel of fan creations, recognized in many fandoms online for its quality.

Tamias: Было ли тяжело написать свой первый CDRR-фанфик?
Dr. Indy: Oh, not at all! When I discovered the Acorn Cafe, I realized I had an outlet for my writing, and that excited me. More than that, I had people around me who were putting out great stories and that excited me more.

My first fanfic was «The Gift of Thundera», a crossover story betweeen CDRR and Thundercats. I enjoyed writing it, and the Cafe received it well. Soon after, I teamed up with another Cafe writer, Chris Silva, and we started putting out stories at record pace. Chris and I still write together, and we’re now publishing stories—our latest is «The Von Drachen Chronicles» 🙂

Tamias: В каких жанрах ты никогда бы не стал писать?
Dr. Indy: I will not write erotica or anything related to romance novels. I will not write gothic, horror or any other kind of «dark» novel. To me, the best stories inspire and uplift. I enjoy writing historical fiction and novels for younger readers.

Tamias: Ты ранее упомянул Индиану Джонса. Полагаю, твой никнейм происходит от его имени?
Dr. Indy: Yes, it is 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed history, so the idea of a globe-traveling archaeologist appealed to me. I remember watching «Raiders of the Lost Ark» when it premiered in the theaters and I was just captivated. I started using the name «Indy» in video games and when I joined the Cafe it seemed like the perfect name to use. When I earned my doctoral degree in 2004, I changed the name to «Dr. Indy» but I still answer to plain old Indy 🙂

Tamias: Ты также упомянул MLP. Как ты думаешь, почему этот мультсериал стал настолько популярен? И кто лучшая пони?
Dr. Indy: Well, we know about the history of the show gaining popularity with 4Chan, but let me answer that from the perspective of a Disney Afternoon fan. When Chris Silva introduced me to the Ponies, I felt that same excitement the Disney Afternoon shows gave me all those years ago.

I see My Little Pony as the heir to the quality the Disney Afternoon began, but MLP has the power of the internet to make it popular. You have to remember that there was no social media when Rescue Rangers began, so it took years before fans of the show found each other. Now you have online watch parties, loads of fanfic and artwork each day.

In some ways, the Disney Afternoon came too soon. If it had been made today, I believe the fandom would have been much, much larger.

As for best pony, definitely Rarity. Her character is so much fun 🙂

Tamias: Смотрел ли ты русский мультсериал «Смешарики»?
Dr. Indy: No, have not seen that. But now that I know about it, I’ll have to take a look 🙂

Tamias: Ты — фанат мищек Гамми. Кто лучший мишка? 🙂
Dr. Indy: I think I’d have to say Cubbi Gummi. His friendship with Kavin was critical to making the show work, and his desire to be a hero made him someone many could relate to.

Tamias: Лорен Фауст сделала римейк Маленьких Пони, и он оказался весьма успешным. Как ты думаешь, может ли стать успешным римейк Мишек Гамми?
Dr. Indy: It could be, if it was done well. One of the things that makes Gummi Bears a great show is the story arc. We knew that the Gummis were the last of an ancient colony of Gummi Bears who came to their land years ago, and they wanted to find the rest of the Gummis. That part of the story always fascinated me, and if a remake expanded on that idea of discovering the rest of the Gummis I would certainly watch!

Tamias: Смотрел ли ты «Зверополис»? Что можешь о нём сказать? И как ты думаешь, может ли фандом «Зверополиса» стать таким же большим, как фандом MLP?
Dr. Indy: I have not seen Zootopia yet. From what others who have seen the movie told me, it’s a very well done movie. I think Zootopia would have a harder time being as popular as MLP because it is a movie and not a series. But we may yet see a Zootopia series, and if so we might see a new fandom.

Tamias: Один из «классических» вопросов, которые я задаю гостям нашей рубрики, звучит так: «Какие мультсериалы ты бы посоветовал своим детям?». Задам его, пожалуй, и тебе.
Dr. Indy: Well, Rescue Rangers obviously 🙂

Any of the Disney Afternoon shows are good kid shows. My Little Pony is another. My favorites growing up were Scooby-Doo, Bugs Bunny, The Road-Runner, Thundercats—lots of others. Naturally I would want to share those with my children and enjoy them again.

Tamias: За сим, пожалуй, всё, огромное спасибо тебе за интереснейшее интервью! Желаю дальнейших творческих успехов!